Schedule of Works

Professional design and planning consultant providing full process from concept to completion including preparing the Schedule of Works.

In my experience, a Schedule of Works is a critical document which ties a number of aspects of the intended work together thus allowing the Contractor to accurately estimate the likely costs involved as the Schedule should list every element of the job, what the Contractor must allow to do, who is supplying materials etc. i.e. Client to supply or the Contractor to include.

Without a Schedule of Works, there is no reference document in the event that there is uncertainty or if there is a dispute between the parties.

The Schedule of Works should include the elements set out in the following documents:

  1. Building regulation full plans application
  2. Building Plans
  3. Structural Engineer’s Calculations
  4. SAP Report (if any) i.e. larger areas of glazing
  5. Arboricultural matters
  6. Items to be supplied by the Client (if any)
  7. Any other relevant documentation

If this document is correctly assembled, it forms the basis of a professional and successful relationship between the Contractor and the Client.