Listed Building Consent

Experienced in dealing with Grade I and Grade II listed properties.

If you wish to carry out works on a Listed Building, the process is similar to that of a standard planning application but more detail will be required by the Local Authority. I can advise you of implications involved with any proposed alterations (external or internal).

Listed Buildings have additional protection in law. You can make changes, but you may need to apply for “Listed Building Consent”, and you will need to be careful when carrying out work that could affect the character of the building.

You will need to apply for listed building consent if either of the following cases apply:

  • You wish to demolish a listed building
  • You wish to alter or extend a listed building in a manner which would affect it’s character as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

Anyone applying for listed building consent must be able to justify their proposals.  They need to show why works that would affect the special interest of a listed building are desirable or necessary.  This justification should be written in a Heritage Statement which shows that the applicant has given serious consideration and thought with regard to the impact of the proposed works to the historic building.  I have experience with historic buildings and sound conservation practice. I can specify the works required and advise on the appropriate materials which should ideally be used during the renovation project.

Persons undertaking work on listed buildings are likely to need Listed Building Consent for:

  • alterations (inside or out) or extensions which, in the opinion of the Council, are likely to affect the appearance or character of a Listed Building
  • alterations or extensions to buildings, objects or structures (including gates and walls) in the grounds of a Listed Building
  • demolition of a building, object or structure which is listed or is in the grounds of a Listed Building.  This can include the removal of only part of such buildings (even a chimney stack, door, window or wall)
  • any new structure which will be physically linked to a Listed Building.

Examples of work which usually require Listed Building Consent include:

  • the painting of stonework or brickwork
  • the addition of render or cladding
  • the replacement of existing doors or windows
  • changes to the roof covering and other external features
  • the alteration or removal of beams, fireplaces, staircases, porches, shutters or other old features (inside or out)
  • the erection of signs, security equipment or satellite antennae.